Press pack Winter 2015-2016

A smart, stylish and shrewd

The Wed’ze brand

Created in 2006, Wed'ze is Decathlon's ski, snowboard and toboggan brand.

From downhill skiing, to freeriding to freestyling, Wed'ze's philosophy is to introduce the joy of snow sports to everyone irrespective of level or style.

Since the end of November 2014, Wed’ze has also brought its new headquarters overseeing brand designs (Wed’ze - Quechua- Simond), to the heart of the French Alps in the mythical valley of Mont-Blanc, ever closer to the skiing areas.

By ensuring contact with skiers and snowboarders, the Wed’ze teams can formulate and design technical equipment suited to the requirements of skiers in order to facilitate skiing and satisfy their requirements.

The international design centre is :

10 000m²

of which 3,000 m² of selling surface

300 team members


of products are designed,
materialised, prototyped and tested

A building named

a High Quality Environment

The 2Warm

The reversible ski base layer with 2 levels of warmth

How do you decide what clothing to pack before going on a skiing trip? To enjoy days spent skiing without feeling cold, Wed’ze has designed a thermal ski and snowboard base layer suitable in all weather.

Drawing inspiration from the Eskimos and their hair-covered coats which can be reversed dependent on the outside temperature, the 2Warm base layer offers two different levels of warmth dependent on which side is in contact with skin. Thanks to the reversible feature, skiers or snowboarders can choose from the warm side or the very warm side dependent on the temperature.


Provides additional warmth:
the very warm side provides 30% more warmth than the other side.

designed to be worn both ways.


Recommended retail price (including tax):



The STREAM 550 visor helmet

Protects eyes and head

When on the ski slopes, protecting your head is fundamental. Did you know that snow and altitude increases the effect of UVs? For every 1000 m gained in altitude, the proportion of UVs increases by 10%. Protecting your eyes is therefore crucial!

The Stream 550 protects head and eyes with its built-in UV protection visor which replaces the ski goggles. Very fashionable amongst skiers, this ski helmet is also suitable for those who wear glasses helping them ski comfortably and safely.

Impact protection

EN 1077 standard

UV protection

S2 Lens
100% UV protection


The STREAM 550 visor helmet

Black or white

Sizes available:
53-56 cm / 56-59 cm / 59-61 cm

Recommended retail price (including tax):€99,95

Freeride Maxtrip Men's Ski Jacket

Style and technology

The Freeride Maxtrip men's 3-in-1 jacket offers all the features which skiers require to keep warm on the slopes: waterproofing, breathability and convenience.

The base layer with removable wadding and the ventilation enables skiers to manage heat levels. The jacket is waterproof in order to tackle all weather and snowfall (up to 8H in the snow). It also features a 3D hood (which can be worn under a helmet and which mimics head movements), goggle mask or a snow skirt and trouser binding to prevent the snow from seeping in. Accessorised with numerous sealed pockets, amongst which an audio pocket. This jacket is also equipped with a Recco system.

Freeride Maxtrip

Recommended retail price (including tax):€229,90

Matching trousers available: €169,90

A ladies' version
is also available :

Tip: All Wed’ze ski jackets are equipped with a ski pass pocket on the arm. There is no longer any need to search for your skis pass required to access ski-lifts in most ski resorts!

For children

Children's 3 in 1 ski suits: a ski jacket and ski trousers which combine to form a ski suit

Discovering skiing or snowboarding as a family leaves you with incredible memories. Enabling future small champions to have fun and to make the parents' lives easier, Wed'ze has developed a range of clothing and equipment for children.

For bigger children:
the Maxcarve jacket

Finally a technical, warm, practical and stylish jacket for young skiers and snowboarders. Waterproof, this jacket is made up of a base layer with detachable wadding so that the jacket warmth level can be adjusted to suit the temperature. This jacket can be paired with trousers thanks to the zip system, to form a ski suit!

The Maxcarve jacket

Sizes available:
8 years/10 years/12 years/14 years

Colours available:
Dark blue

Matching Maxcarve trousers:
Green/dark blue

Recommended retail price (including tax):€99,95

The Midstyle ski suit

Sizes available:
18 months/2 years/3 years/
4 years and 5 years

Colours available:
Orange and burgundy/Blue and yellow

Recommended retail price (including tax):€59,95

For small children:
the Midstyle ski suit

Introducing the pleasure of skiing to small children, Wed’ze offers the Midstyle ski suit which includes a warm jacket and comfortable trousers with the option of combining the two items, using the zip, to form a ski suit. In this way, children benefit from a genuine ski jacket and trousers with the convenience and warmth of a ski suit.

Vario CB team Pole: A ski pole which develops with the children

Children grow quickly and their ski poles must be changed with every season… No longer the case with Wed’ze! The ski pole develops with the children thanks to a clip system which enables size modification in the range of 70 cm to 100 cm.

Vario CB team Pole

Recommended retail price (including tax):€24,95

Our ranges

The Pull’N Fit, adjustable length ski trousers

The innovative Pull’N Fit system enables easy and accurate adjustment of the trouser length to suit all trouser lengths to avoid dragging trousers along the floor or wearing trousers which are too short.

The ski trousers Pull’N fit

Men's model: Evoslide

Recommended retail price (including tax):€49,95

Boy's model: Evoslide
Girl's model: Evoslide

Recommended retail price (including tax):€29,95

The ski trousers Pull’N fit

When on ski lifts, for safety reasons, you must have your rucksack at the front of your body. Otherwise, the skier or snowboarder risks getting caught on the seat when getting off or falling when in the air because they're incorrectly positioned on the seat.

Since 2007, to ensure the safety of snowboarders and skiers and to provide a simple and effective solution, Wed'ze has fitted some of its backpacks with an exclusive "reverse" design (patent pending) which allows you to rotate your pack from back to front, in a single movement, without removing front or chest straps or webbing.

This season, the entire backpack range is equipped with this system.

Freestyle 500 backpack

Colours available:
Blue, grey, pink, yellow

Recommended retail price (including tax):€39,95